Company Visit to Schlumberger

All participants who attended the company visit event together with lecturer and presenters. Photo: Medcreave division/AAPG SC-UP

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter of Universitas Pertamina (then abbreviated as AAPG SC-UP) has a goal to develop geological engineering  students’ interest in the oil and gas energy sector. Apart from theoretical learning in the classroom, students also need real practice from the industry to enhance the student’s soft skill, experience and networks.

The first step to find hydrocarbon reserves is to make a geological model. The model emerged from the mind of a geologist based on various geological datasets which can be very complex. However, the geological software such as Petrel is very useful to build the geological model. Based on these, Fieldtrip Division of AAPG SC-UP held a company visit and workshop with Schlumberger. This event held on Thursday, January 10, 2019, at Sapphire Room, Schlumberger – Jakarta Learning Center, Jend. Gatot Subroto no. 42, South Jakarta. This event was attended by 20 participants who were AAPG SC-UP members and also accompanied by a lecturer, Mr. Epo Prasetya Kusumah.

In this event, we got a lot of knowledge such as Reservoir Static Modeling Workshop including recruitment information at Schlumberger. Through presentation delivered by Mrs. Ananta Ruri as a Human Resources manager, we know that Schlumberger opens up opportunities for student and recent graduates to join with Schlumberger. Schlumberger has four career path, which is Operations; Research, Engineering and Manufacturing; Geoscience and Petrotechnical; and also Commercial and Business (for more information, click on the link below).

We also get a lot of new experience and knowledge about operation software Petrel, to make the geological model that was delivered by the presenter Mr. Wisnu Widiatmoko. In making a good geological model especially reservoir static modeling, we must prepare 2 types of important data, which is well data and seismic data  before being able to interpret. After the data has been interpreted, the next step is to do structural modeling, facies modeling, petrophysical modeling, and volume calculation.

Activity of participants during the workshop. Two participants used one laptop together. Photo: Medcreave division/AAPG SC-UP

The ability to operate the software is necessary for students as preparation before facing the world of work. Furthermore, students that have many abilities about software tend to be more efficient because they know how to solve the problem using the software. By participating in this event, it is expected that students’ skills will be more improved, have an initial experience of working in the real industry and supporting the teaching and learning activities in the classroom.

For more information about Schlumberger recruitment information


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